Shotcrete & Shoring

Shotcrete & Shoring

Shotcrete: At BAT Construction Perú S.A.C. our ACI certified nozzlemen offers a wide selection of dry and wet shotcrete services, which are generally reinforced with poly fiber or steel fiber systems.  Shotcretes versatility allows it to be utilized on high rock faces, rock cuts along highways and we can even add a decorative element, making it “look like” the rock it covers up.  We can create the esthetics and safety…all in one shot!

Retaining Walls / Gabions: Having installed and built many ties-back walls for rail and road access, along with several other types of shotcrete and block walls, BAT Construction Perú S.A.C. can provide a solution to most retaining wall installations.

Pressure Grouting: BAT Construction Perú S.A.C. is able to inject high and low pressure grout, mortar or chemical solutions through drilling.  Rock injection are performed directly through perforations, typically in unlined rock.  Soils injections are made through a “pipe sleeve”, previously installed in the ground, which are perfect for dams, tunnels, reinforcement of walls and superficial foundations.  This application is also utilized for joint sealing, ground stability, void filling and settlement remedial work.

Shoring / Underpinning / Soldier Pile Walls: Including 30 cm Micro-Piles that allow load capacities of 30-150 ton (tensile & compression) with minimal distortion.


Tunnel Linings: Our Shotcrete provides stabilization of weaker geological zones where application can provide for remote and difficult access and overhead applications of complete tunnel lining installation and restoration.