BAT Construction Perú S.A.C. is committed to providing our clients with a complete contracting package to get the job done, regardless of its complexity or difficulty.  Our professional safety training and management teams strive to complete every project safely, efficiently and to the highest degree of our clients expectation!

BAT Construction Perú S.A.C. was established in 2011. together with its’ sister company,  BAT Construction Ltd. (Canada) , these companies are recognized leaders in the field of geohazard remediation, slope stabilization and technical  geo-stabilization services.  Both companies offer years of service experience and are very proud to have executed an extensive list of varied projects, all across the Americas.


Our people make the difference!


We have an excellent team that help us carry out an array of services safely and effectively. This team is a highly trained group of certified personnel who offer knowledge, experience and responsiveness to the most challenging of projects and is part of a group of companies that work in partnership to fully facilitate all aspects of the project with the highest industry standards for safety and quality management.

BAT Construction Perú S.A.C.  follows Canadian protocol and is fully committed to sustainable development, responsible stewardship of the natural environment, and living up to our social responsibility. Improving our environmental performance and community relations company wide is a priority at BAT Construction Perú S.A.C. We are continuously working towards minimizing resource consumption and improving the health and safety of our employees.


The company has gained a reputation for developing specialized equipment and innovative construction techniques that are required to perform the work in this unique construction field.

Whether your project is services to remote sites, confined space projects, pit mines or 300-foot rock face, at BAT Construction Perú S.A.C., we have a philosophy of providing a team approach with our clients and this helps ensure we reach the successful completion of any project we are tasked with.


  • Retaining Walls/Gabions
  • Mesh Protection Systems
  • Shotcrete
  • Pressure Grouting
  • Anchor Retaining Systems
  • High Angle Scaling
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Mine Services
  • Debris Flow / Slide Mitigation
  • Pit Drainage & Wall Depressurization
  • Long Hole Drilling: Horizontal & Vertical
  • Shoring / Underpinning /Pile Walls


  • High Angle
  • Rock Faces
  • Confined Spaces
  • Highways
  • Avalanche Zones
  • Overburdens
  • Culverts / Dams Weirs
  • Landslide Zones
  • Tunnels
  • Railroads
  • Remote Access
  • Bridges / Piers / Abutments
  • Mines (Pit and underground)
  • Environmentally Sensitive locations